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Dec 6, 2012 6:00am PST
and clear to the golden gate bridge with no issues. one problem spot, whipple road on-ramp car flipped into a ditch headed to northbound 880 may be blocking as tow trucks try to get that car out. look at your waze app, 580 westbound had an earlier accident at livermore at midway pardon me airway that is now cleared but you can see heavy traffic towards the scene then things pick up when you get to the dublin pleasanton area. this is a free app you can download for your smartphone or android phone, available on your apple app store or google play maneuver your commute this morning or any morning. >>> still ahead, kate middleton walks out of a london hospital overnight. we have new video. >>> consumer alert from 7 on your side. the infant recliner blamed for five deaths. new action just announced by government officials. >>> catch the raiders and broncos tonight here on abc 7. larry biel and sports anchor mike shumann will tweet during the game you can follow them. you can also get updates on >>> welcome back. doesn't this make you feel better about the morning com
Dec 6, 2012 6:00am PST
whipple road exit, we have a car in a ditch and a two car crash. they are trying to clear quite a bit of debris in the roadway. police are looking at a crash where a man was supposed to stop. we also have fog so definitely take it slow. we have back up so give yourself an extra 15 minutes to get into san francisco right now. along highway 4, you can see a little bit of fog as well and folks are headed westbound towards concord with a steady stream of headlights. >>> notice the breeze is picking up out of the west and that's helping to stir things up and there is a few areas but not widespread. temperatures have been going down a couple of degrees. fog, sun, i think there will be more sun and fog and i did say a dry pattern. high pressure is building off the california coast, way into the gulf of alaska and that will drive systems east of us and it will take care of the fog, maybe not until friday night or saturday. 52 in santa rosa. everybody is close here from santa rosa to oakland at 57 but as far as any rain at least in this pattern, things will change towards the middle or the end
Dec 13, 2012 7:00am PST
. the back up extends to highway 92. a problem for the peninsula. 101 south just before whipple all lanes are blocked. traffic at a complete stop. stick with highway 280280. 101 until th avoid . >> westbound 92 at the decline section of the bridge the accident has been cleared. it did not cause a back up. >> what we see now is regular slug is traffic between the peninsula and the east bay. between hayward in office it the drive time is 14 minutes. >> off the commute at the bay bridge toll plaza is not looking good. the major trouble spots. no major accidents or stalls but a lot of heavy traffic heading into san for this call this morning. >> the back up extends into the oakland maze on to the east shore freeway. that will be as low commute of albany. it is crawling up the incline as you work your way into san francisco. >> drive carefully give yourself extra time. traffic is jammed up. let us see how the weather is shaping up. hi erica. >> good morning robyn. a lot of people will have their heat on in the car because it is cold. from we have cloud cover above as we take it outside to our
Dec 6, 2012 7:00am PST
. there it is right there and 880 northbound at whipple road. it's causing slowdowns and then in the southbound directions as well. up next, we have a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights are on. you will be sitting in it. i do want to mention that the offramp in san francisco is open. if you need to use it, you can use it. you have to go around. and since most people come from folsom that can be a problem. 7:5. here's5 -- 725. 7:25. >>> there are some breaks in the clouds. it looks like a sunny day once we get the fog bank to burn off. this could be misty conditions, i think most of the low cloud deck has lifted. mostly sunny, breezy at times. we don't have have to worry about any rain for a while. the 7 to 10-day outlook is dry. that means sunshine and probably a wipeout. 60s today for highs. it looks like we're here. thankfully, things were a little busy there. yeah, real busy. >>> there's still some problems because of those recent storms. we'll tell you one peninsula community that is having us conserve water. >> reporter: we're live in sunnyvale, california where more than 1
Dec 25, 2012 6:00am PST
traffic right with you looking over my shoulder, but here we go. fender-bender on 880 at whipple causing delays moved to the right. slow traffic due to earlier accident eastbound 580 at macarthur in oakland, chp was diverting traffic to high street. let's take a look at 101 south into san francisco, very few headlights coming this way, it is christmas day many have the day off, if you don't beware of the problems on 880 and 580. our storm watch coverage continues next. close eye utility crews are keeping on a levee. >> he's an oscar winning actor and screenwriter. an fed ben affleck makes a an fed ben affleck makes a it seems our angels haveffleck been busy building a new, stronger so it holds up better, kind of angel soft®. it's now built with two softshield™ layers. when wet, new angel soft® is one, two, three times stronger than the leading value brand. well done, angels! stronger, holds up better... all wrapped up in a value you love. new angel soft®. now stronger than ever. daisy is 100% pure with nothing else added. meals are simply better with a dollop of daisy. ♪ ♪ do a
Dec 6, 2012 6:00am PST
towards the maze. and 880 at whipple northbound had a wreck on the right shoulder that's cleared. southbound slow and go out of hayward as you work your way into fremont. that's a look at your drive. back to you guys. >> all right, gianna. thanks. >>> the music world is mourning the death of jazz pioneer dave brubeck. ♪ [ music ] >> brubeck died yesterday of heart failure on his way to the hospital for a scheduled check- up. he was born 92 years ago today. in concord. his most famous jazz hit was "take 5" from 1959. he learned the piano from his mother and after leading an army band during world warmed 2 he studied at mills college in oakland. >> interesting. ♪ [ music ] >>> the 2013 grammy nominations were announced here on cbs 5 last night during a star- studded special. >> yeah. check that out. that looks like the who right there. call me maybe is up for song of the year and indy pop year fun is nominated in all categories including best new artist record and song of the year. catch of the grammys here on cbs 5 on february 10. >> plenty of news this morning about a silicon
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6